Orzone AB announces partnership

Postat: 30 oktober, 2009

Mentice AB and Orzone AB today announced a non-exclusive partnership facilitating integration of the high-fidelity endovascular simulator Mentice VIST with Orcamp, a technical framework for training and assessment of medical skills.

Simulators supporting the development of medical skills for complex procedures are gaining prominence and become more accepted by the medical community, with the publication of scientific validation studies and the integration of simulation into existing curricula and training programs. Mentice VIST is a validated high fidelity endovascular simulator enabling hands-on procedural training.

The Mentice VIST provides state of the art simulation based training with unique clinical and simulation realism. Orcamp is a comprehensive physical operating theatre, which allows medical healthcare professionals to train and objectively assess complex technical skills and non-technical skills, i.e. cross functional team work, communication and leadership skills, in a risk free environment.

”The integration of the technical skills simulator, Mentice VIST, with Orcamp allow training and accreditation bodies to harmonize training and to assess identified key performance indicators, i.e knowledge, skills and professionalism. Our experienced team will continue develop this unique concept in close collaboration with leading University Hospitals to maximize real world outcome”, quotes Petra Apell, CEO of Orzone AB.

About Orzone

Orzone is a company founded by individuals with extensive experience of health care, training and simulation. The Management Board and the owners have amongst other projects founded and been part of the development of Mentice since the start 1998. Orzone and Mentice believe there are excellent synergies for the two companies in areas for cooperation.

About Mentice AB

Mentice is a leading developer and supplier of virtual reality based simulation systems, with close to 600 installations worldwide, and over 100 validation studies. Mentice provides complete turnkey solutions such as the Mentice VIST, Mentice VIST-C and the Mentice MIST, from entry-skills acquisition to high-fidelity procedural training. With the Mentice ”Family of Simulators”, Mentice focuses on the areas of endovascular intervention and minimally invasive surgery. Mentice is a global company with offices in the U.S., Sweden (HQ), Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and China. For more information, contact Mentice on 

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